Well, hello there.  Welcome.

So, I really enjoy solving problems.  Film problems.  Marketing problems.
Making something beautiful, or meaningful, or both, out of an idea on paper.
Production challenges, of course.  75% of producing IS solving problems –
for your creative team, your director, your client.
And for myself, because moving images and messaging and storytelling fascinate me.

I've been in film and advertising in one form or another for over 25 years.
Took a film class in high school and fell in love with movies -
stories and characters in moving images.  And ended up with a degree in advertising.
I then blended the two to produce mostly commercials over the years.
But I've been lucky and tenacious enough to work in different areas of the business
to create the breadth of experience I now offer.

Movie development in LA, running a small production company,
celebrity and music negotiations, crew on a feature film in NYC,
and even my own creative projects like a short film for PBS.
My work has won well over 100 awards, and I've judged many a film competition.

Presently I’m co-producer on a feature film, Moishe, All American,
to be shot in Norfolk this year.  And last year I co-produced a documentary episode
for the French series Cinemas Mystiques for European television.
I was also recently marketing consultant to the VA Film Office, and brokered the tax credit deal
between the Commonwealth of VA and The Martin Agency
to bring $10 mil of their commercial production here for $17 mil of economic impact in the state.

My favorite director experience? Christopher Guest. 
I could not get Corky St. Clair in Waiting for Guffman out of my head. 
Best celeb shoot? A toss up between hanging  with Wayne Newton
in his Stardust dressing room, and a smooch from Joe Walsh. 
I left for Canada in a car the day after 9/11 to make a shoot happen. 
And I actually chatted with Andy Warhol about advertising...for 15 minutes...

…and have met tons of wonderful friends. I'm deft at brokering all of the pieces –
the people, the ideas, the resources, the budgets, and the craziness – in formats short and long -
to get an even better product than we all set out to do.

And have fun.